Catalyst Restaurant Consultants can assist you with every area of your food service business or restaurant. Owners Katie and Peter Webster are industry experts with nearly four decades of combined experience. Catalyst can provide customized solutions and packages to suit your needs. Take a look at the list of service offerings below, and let us know how we can be of service to you.


Let's get started with a few projects.

Maybe you are thinking of hiring a restaurant consultant for a little assistance with one project. Need to revamp the menu, but make sure it works on multiple levels? How will that impact finances? What about production and inventory? Your very talented and creative chef has a great idea, but what will happen if you move forward?

Could the financial side of your business benefit from having a fresh perspective? You’re thinking of making an investment of resources and your spouse or banker doesn’t really understand your idea.

And what about your staff? You know the right way to coach them, but they don’t seem to be hearing it anymore. Do they just need an outside voice and a fresh face to say the same challenging things?

That’s where we come in. Let us create a positive change by bringing leadership and a strategy for specific projects on a short-term basis.

Menu Analysis
Financial Analysis
Kitchen Audit
Service Audit
Staff Training
Proctoring ServSafe Exams


It's time to go to the next level.

Once we’ve had an opportunity to work with you on a project or two, you’re ready to go to the next level with Catalyst. We help accelerate your team’s ability to learn HOW to instead of just WHAT to do through ongoing coaching and analytics.

Ongoing Support Services

Your team is your biggest asset. They are the influencers that will build or tear apart your brand. Character focused team growth brings unity and helps to clarify the weak links.


Our mentoring and coaching programs are based on character. Character being: “what you do when no one is looking.” Through these character-based training programs, our team works with you to empower and equip your staff by building skill sets that bring lasting change to your business and benefits your bottom line.

(Once per quarter)

Evaluate and refresh menu items that meet the space and inventory demands of the kitchen as well as the abilities of the staff while bringing strong percentages to the bottom line.

A thorough look at the production and function of the restaurant from the front door to the back door, roof to sidewalk. Every aspect of your restaurant should exclaim the brand you are creating so every part needs to be intentional.

There’s HACCAP and then there’s real-life production. How is your crew doing at guaranteeing the safety of each item in the kitchen? If a customer accessed your last health department review, would your team have some explaining to do? You can have the same secret weapon as the chain retailers that keep your staff on their toes during the entire 6 months until the next health department review.

"Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones."


The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re launching a new concept, rebranding a successful operation, or planning to make any other major change, you need help from a team that can help navigate the positives and negatives. We cover your blind spots when you are excited about creating the future by assessing the facts and figures. We see the challenges ahead and take the long journey with you.

Start-ups/Risk Analysis: You’re passionate about opening a restaurant but want help looking at the whole picture logically. What could be more important than having real information and real numbers to analyze before investing your life savings into your dream?

Rebranding/Concept Refresh: The concept has been working, but is running out of steam. A rebrand can create as much excitement as a startup and just as much anxiety! We can research the new concept as well as the investment it’ll take to make the necessary changes. Then, you can make decisions with confidence and enjoy the growth process.

Management Coaching: When you are not on site as an owner, it may be time for a management team assessment. Have you ever wondered why they aren’t hitting the intended budgets or goals for customer loyalty? We can gain the answers to those questions, but more importantly, help facilitate the positive changes necessary to bring about real success in your team for your bottom line.

Let us take you from concept to creation